Our investment focus

What we do

We're consolidating the Healthcare Services industry for sustainable growth through acquisition and post-commercial investments.

Healthcare services

Clinical Diagnostics, Medical Imaging and Ancillary Services

Post-Commercial Lifesciences

Medical Devices, Patient Monitoring, and cutting edge Theraputics

Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing

Billing, Medical Informatics/EHR, and Medical Collections

Our investment thesis

The most important aspects of healthcare for chronic conditions and longevity are usually free or no cost. Healthcare is a defensive industry, and a lot of the growth in healthcare comes from the speculation of the success and effectiveness of new drugs.

We take a different approach investing in the technologies that support clinical trails and drug discovery, in addition to healthcare innovations after they've reached the approval stage, where their benefits to patients are established and health insurance companies are obliged to pay providers for the procedure or drug.

Our healthcare BPO portfolio of services comapnies allows us to immediately improve the margins of any one of our healthcare services acquisitions targets by at least 6%Healthcare BPO typically takes a % of collections from 5-12%, we immediately improve our bottom linein order to create the maximum value for our shareholders